From pre-construction and design reviews to bidding, negotiation and construction contracts, TDS is an experienced owner's representative.

We believe that our pre-construction services almost always have the highest return on investment. In fact, we believe the time and money we save during pre-construction will often exceed our total fees for all phases of the project.

During pre-construction, we help the development team spot the unique challenges of their projects and can pull proposals and bids from a targeted group of design firms most suited to the project. With decades of experience in negotiating architectural contracts, we can ensure that the correct responsibilities land with the correct entity, allowing both Architect and Owner to get back to the design work.

Once an Architect is under contract, TDS can help the team maintain the design schedule. Managing a creative process within the practical constraints of schedule and budget is an art form, and Principal Brooks Mostue, AIA has developed this skill during his decades of practice within his own design firm.

TDS also offers design reviews / peer reviews as a standalone service. TDS’ architectural peer reviews are tailored towards the design stage of the project. When we review Schematic and Design Development stage drawings, our comments are more conceptual. We focus on the types of problems that will be difficult to fix later in the design process. When we review later stage Contract Documents, we highlight the types of mistakes that would cause change orders and delay claims. In all cases, we enumerate any major deficiencies, produce a formal report, review it with the design team, and offer suggestions for any issues that arise.

When it comes to the Bidding and Negotiation phase of a project, TDS can develop bid packages containing instructions to bidders, add alternates, allowances, unit prices, and project specific bid forms. During the bid process, TDS can monitor questions from the bidders and provide guidance on any required addenda. Upon receipt of bids, TDS runs the analysis, conducts post-bid interviews, checks references, and provides an award recommendation. A well-run bid process can save 1-2% of a project’s cost, create a smoother pathway to contract signing, and result in a clearer scope that gets built faster with fewer disagreements.

When it comes to the Construction Contract, TDS principal scan advise on the best form of contract given project specific constraints. TDS has access to the full suite of AIA contract documents, as well as decades of experience in fixing the shortcomings of those documents. We have executed projects with the A101, A102, A103, A104, A105, and A201. While we cannot provide legal advice, we think that contracts written by us and reviewed by your legal counsel will cost you less and be a better product than a contract written solely by your legal team.

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